Saint John the Divine: The Source of Theology

source of theology

The Gift Received from Above

The Orthodox Church acknowledges the gift of theology as being taught and caught from above, tracing its origins back to the Gospel of Saint John the Divine. This Gospel holds a central place in the Church’s yearly cycle of biblical readings, emphasizing light, resurrection, and theological eloquence.

Filled with Love, Fulfilled in Theology

Saint John the Divine, known for his closeness to Jesus during the Last Supper, is regarded as the greatest theologian. Described as “filled with love” and having received the gift of theology directly from his beloved Savior, John embodies divine love and its transformative power.

Divine Knowledge through the Intervention of Mary

Two other notable theologians, Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea and Saint John Chrysostom, were granted divine knowledge through the intervention of Mary, the Mother of God. These encounters with Saint John the Divine helped them understand the mysteries of piety and truth, shaping their theological journeys.

The Mystical Encounter

Both Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea and Saint John Chrysostom had mystical encounters with the Evangelist John. Through visions and appearances, they received teachings and manuscripts that deepened their understanding of sacred Scriptures and opened their intellect to comprehend divine truths.

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