The Definition and Sacredness of a Theologian


Limited Title

The title of “theologian” has been reserved for only three revered figures in the Church: Apostle John, Gregory the Theologian, and Symeon the New Theologian. This exclusivity reflects the Church’s reverence for matters related to God and echoes the cautionary tale of Uzzah in the Old Testament.

Inability to Comprehend

Recognizing God as a “consuming fire” highlights our inherent inability as finite beings to fully comprehend the divine nature. We are left speechless and silent before the Creator. Understanding this, all theology is made possible through the gift of the Holy Spirit, allowing us to approach the mystery of theology in a manner worthy of God.

The Value of Sacred Theology

Sacred theology is seen as the most supreme and sublime of all gifts of the Holy Spirit. It encompasses and surpasses all other gifts, inspiring divine love and passion within the human heart. Just as God is described as supremely passionate, theology itself holds immense value and beauty.

The Essence of Theology

According to the tradition of early Church Fathers, theology is the study of God, particularly the Holy Trinity. It is not simply the accumulation of knowledge about the divine nature but rather an encounter with the living, personal God. The Orthodox faith emphasizes a personal relationship of trust and love with God, a conversation akin to that between friends.

Transmission and Continuity

Theologians are those who have spoken and written about the Trinitarian God based on personal experience and the revelation found in sacred Scriptures. This transmission of knowledge ensures continuity and acknowledges the inspiration received from those who taught and witnessed the divinity of Christ. The act of teaching theology is grounded in humility and remains an integral part of the Church’s mission.

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