The Relevance of Theology Today

authentic theology

Embracing the Suprarational: Apophatic Theology

In a world driven by rational thinking, apophatic theology holds the key to understanding the true essence of Orthodox life and tradition. It reminds us that theology is a suprarational mystery, accessible only through unwavering faith that allows us to approach the living God.

Moving Beyond Abstract Understanding

Father Sophrony Sakharov emphasizes that true spiritual knowledge is not merely an abstract concept. When grace is reduced to intellectual understanding, it becomes disconnected from the transformative power of lived experience. The Holy Scriptures remain sealed until we embrace a deeper connection with God.

The Grace of Theology

The Church Fathers, a select group among countless theologians, learned theology directly from God. Their knowledge came through prayer and vigilant spiritual practice, recognizing their own unworthiness. Following the principle of The Philokalia, they understood that true theologians are those who pray sincerely.

The Vital Connection to Vigilance and Prayer

Theology in the contemporary world often lacks impact because it fails to maintain its connection to vigilance and prayer. When divorced from the living tradition and liturgy of the Church, theology becomes a dry and intellectual exercise. Authentic theology, however, sustains and nourishes the entire community, inspiring love for God.

The Faith of the Fathers

The Seventh Ecumenical Council (787) affirmed the significance of Orthodox theology. It proclaimed that the faith of the apostles and the fathers, rooted in the teachings of the prophets, has established the universe. This declaration highlights the enduring relevance and transformative power of authentic theology.

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