Liturgy: The Home of the Icon


Beyond Intellectual Discourse

Icons convey a truth that surpasses intellectual discourse. Their significance is best expressed through color and song, rather than concepts. Prayer and liturgy conceal the full depth and expression of icons, revealing their spiritual essence.

Icons in Liturgy

Liturgy, like icons, reveals the essential spiritual value rather than merely the artistic beauty. Unfortunately, icons are often misunderstood as something exotic or aesthetic. However, within the context of liturgy, icons facilitate personal and mystical encounters with God.

Communion with God in Liturgy

Liturgy allows believers to hear, see, and touch the word of life. Everyone and everything become part of this encounter with God, assuming sacramental value. Icons offer a new perspective, revealing the sacredness and beauty of the divine in the present age and world.

Icons Within the Liturgical Dimension

Icons find their true appreciation and understanding within the context of liturgy. The entire liturgical cycle reflects the divine plan for the salvation of the world. Liturgy becomes a mystical encounter, a theophany of divine energies that inspires awe and prayer. Icons ignite the soul, reminding it of its place within the communion of saints.

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