The Way of the Fathers: Understanding Orthodox Theology

church fathers

The Gift of Theology

Orthodox theology is not mere intellectual study, but a gift received through the living continuity of tradition. It is not taught, but caught, and emerges from the communal conscience and consensus of the total community.

The Church Fathers

The foundation of Orthodox theology lies in the teachings of the Church Fathers. Their theological and spiritual insights have shaped the conscience of the Church throughout history. This chapter explores some of these influential figures from the fourth to fourteenth centuries.

Tradition and Continuity

In an age of innovation and independence, the emphasis on tradition and continuity is paramount in Orthodox theology. Personal experience, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is central to understanding divine life and light.

Exploring Traditional Theology

Drawing from liturgical and contemporary sources, this chapter delves into the fundamental characteristics and criteria of traditional theology. It also explores how these insights can impact the modern world.

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